No Slavery in the Classroom? Try the Xbox…



Independent Black Dude

blackBANKS No black owned bank in my city – closest to me is DC – that,s an hour and a half away – but most transactions get done via CREDIT/DEBIT cards, and online transactions – i cant remember the last time i actually walked into a bank – i hit up atm’s at gas stations instead of the bank, i do auto-payments, and etc .. so… i decided.. since i don’t GO TO the white owned bank EVEN THOUGH its right down the street from me – whats the difference? — both Malcolm X and MLK advocated we put our money in black owned banks MLK: MX: MX: Marcus Garvey: —

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Blaria Podcast Episode Thirty-Five: Tanisha Long


Comedian and actress Tanisha Long hitting the red carpet as part of her promotion for MTV's smash hit show Girl Code.Comedian and actress Tanisha Long hitting the red carpet as part of her promotion for MTV’s smash hit show Girl Code.

Sup, #TeamBlaria? I’m getting ready to go back to LA in a few days, so I wanted to drop a little podcast for you to remember me by. And what better one than my convo with Girl Code star Tanisha Long? Most of you probably know her from that TV show or you may have seen her in countless commercials including but not limited to Time Warner Cable and GAP or you may have heard her name tossed around late last year when SNL was looking for a black female cast member. Whatever the case may be, the point is that she’s making her mark in the comedy world, so it was nice for us to finally catch up since we had seen each other since the summer…

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